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Drowning in Rear View

It's a Sunday morning. I'm beating the crowds to the grocery store. While peers listen to virtual church services from the safety of their own homes...Im having a sort of service of my own. I start the ignition, I begin the playlist...I start a 20 minute drive to the most deserted grocery I can find. My family is still at home, sleeping in their beds. It's just me and my thoughts....they swell.. the emotions Ive buried beneath the surface, sprouting arms and pulling themselves out of my mental abyss.

I put on my sunglasses. I'm crying again. I now know that the loneliest thing I own is my hyundai tucson on an open road. No one except myself has even been inside of my car for weeks...Just the ghost of my brother, my fears..... and eventually some quiet reveries that emerge.

It's a necessary emotional sunday service.

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