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Story of an Asthmatic

A question was asked on social media: 'What are you fears regarding this pandemic?'

90% of the responses may have been female (hence, the title of the project, though a small percentage of responses came from men) A middle aged man answered in a way that a lot of us might be able to relate: underlying health issues. Fathers are facing the fear of losing their lives and leaving their families behind. Those scary asthmatic symptoms feel amplified by the description of Covid patients who have described what the lungs feels like when fighting their own battles with the virus.

'In critical COVID-19 -- about 5% of total cases -- the infection can damage the walls and linings of the air sacs in your lungs. As your body tries to fight it, your lungs become more inflamed and fill with fluid. This can make it harder for them to swap oxygen and carbon dioxide.

You might have severe pneumonia or acute respiratory distress syndrome(ARDS). In the most critical cases, your lungs need help from a machine called a ventilator to do their job.' -as described on web md

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