Live Wedding Venue Pricing:

16x20: $1400

18x24: $1600

24X30: $2400

24x36: $2800

30x40: $3500

All wedding paintings are provided in an impressionist style. (as pictured above) I arrive at all venues 2-3 hours before the ceremony to capture the basic backdrop and essence of the venue (as will be discussed with the wedding party).  Paintings will be worked on during the wedding and will be taken back to the studio for finalization and for a final varnish.   An appointment will be made for the collection of the piece, at the bride and grooms convenience.  Paintings may be shipped, but an additional fee may be applicable. 

The bride and groom will have the opportunity to make special requests regarding what they may want to include in the painting. 

* A non refundable half deposit is required to book a live painting.  The remaining balance must be paid on the day of the wedding. 

**there may be additional fees for traveling longer distances


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