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by Candace Thibeault

 It wasn't until I decided that there had to be a better paint available compared to what I was purchasing for my illustrations, that I decided to jump down the rabbit hole of handmade paints.  What I discovered is a game changer. 

Store bought paints are mass produced in insanely large batches, then packaged and shipped all around the world.  Those costs accumulate and are passed on to consumers. But companies aren't just making paints and selling them at cost;  They look for ways to reduce the amount of expensive ingredients that are used, so that they can sell them inexpensively. And one way they reduce the price of  these paints, making them more affordable for every day people is attributed to one word:  FILLERS!

Fillers are added to large batches, because doing so reduces the amount of expensive pigments that have to be added to create a viable product.  This decreases the quality and purity of the paint.  We think we are getting a product that is full of saturated pigment, and perhaps we even feel this is true when using our store bought paints...but my personal experience has taught me that all of my previously purchased paints fail in comparison. 

The gorgeous colors that you see in stock are 85%-100% pigment.  The watercolor formula is one that has been created and recreated as I searched for a recipe that would create consistency, flow and sometimes even added texture.  There are no added fillers, but instead pigments, micas, clays, and sometimes artist grade dyes. 

The price of artisan paints may seem more expensive, but when purchasing artisan paint, you are receiving more color packed in a small package.  In terms of how watercolor is used...a little goes a long way; and the products lasts longer.

Pans, Liquid, Tubed Watercolors and Handmade Paint Palettes

1/2 Pans

Ready to use. Depending on the recipe, pans may appear solid or slightly sticky...the consistency of the paint does not impact the results or how they are used.  Simply add a bead of water to the pan and allow it to soften.  Add water as needed, and paint away!  They are 85% Pigment, so they are vibrant and long lasting. ​

Watercolor Tubes

Squeeze desired amount onto a watercolor palette and allow to dry for 24-48 hours. They are used similarly to watercolors pans. Drying before use will increase longevity.  Pro: They are 100% pigment; the most vibrant of all watercolor paints. Available in matte pigments and mica pigments.

Liquid Watercolor

Formulated with a mixture of dyes and pigments.  Shake! Shake! Shake before use! Pigments will settle to the bottom, but a good vigorous shake will mix them so they are ready to use. Simply use the dropper to move liquid onto a palette. You may use them as they are, or add water to dillute the color.  They are easy to blend and great for creating a broad wash of color over larger areas of watercolor paper.

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